iPad, iPhone and iPod Repairs

iPad repairs

We repair all iPads. As Apple specialists we have a more in-depth knowledge of all Apple products, which sets us apart from the competition. Our technicians are Apple Macintosh certified which means that we work according to Apple guidelines and on adequate workstations.

An iPad that is under warranty, we recommend that in the case of accidental damage, you take advantage of the Apple replacement programme in order not to void your warranty.

Apple does not repair ipads. Instead they have in place a replacement programme in which they will replace your damaged ipad for a refurbished unit.

To book a repair please contacts us via email or phone. Ipad repairs turn around is no more than 48 hours.
All iPad repairs carry a full years warranty.

iPhone repairs

We repair most issues on all iPhones from liquid damage to cracked displays.

We take into account how important your iPhone is to your daily routine and therefore we aim to have your iPhone ready within the hour. Repairs are preformed by experienced technicians on an adequate repair station. Given that we are Apple specialists, we have a deeper understanding of all things Apple, which sets us apart from the competition.

All iPhone repairs carry a 90 warranty.

On site iPhone repairs.

We can visit you at your home on work place to repair your iPhone. If its outside Cambridge the normal call out fee applies on top of the prices on our rates page. However, within Cambridge city callouts are free, which means that there would not be any price variation for an iPhone onsite repair.

iPhones under warranty

We are independent Apple specialists and therefore not authorised to work on iPhones under warranty. If your iPhone is still under warranty, and has suffered accidental damage, we would recommend you to consider taking advantage of Appleā€™s replacement programme. Apple does not preform repairs on ios devices. Instead they have in place a programme in which they will replace your damage iPhone for a refurbished unit. This allows you to keep your original warranty even though it will cost considerably more. We will do repairs to iPhones under warranty, but only if the customer is aware that the warranty will be void.

Liquid damage

If your iPhone suffers a liquid spillage time will be crucial, and therefor quick action will determine the chances of your iPhone being reparable. If liquid damage occurs, turn off your iPhone and do not try to turn it on again. Contact us as soon as possible. Even if the iPhone works after liquid damage, it is very likely that it will in future fail, as corrosion will build up on its components.

As with all our repairs, they are preformed at our Cambridge base workshop.