Apple Home Networks and Broadband

Apple has a wide ranch of products that can help you improve your network and wireless capabilities.
Our experienced technicians can visit you at your home or workplace to set up your apple network and entertainment devices enabling the user to take full advantage of all its capabilities.

Services include:

  • Time Capsule:
    Wireless backup, printing solutions, home data server and wireless router.
  • Airport extreme:
    Apple’s powerful wireless router that can simultaneously work as a printer server.
  • Airport express:
    Perhaps the most versatile of all Apple devices. Apart from its well known capabilities to further extend internet signal from your airport extreme/time capsule, The airport express can act as a printer server for wireless printing and iTunes data streaming via Airplay. The AirPort Express can allow Airplay functionality as well as Internet access, file and print sharing, etc. across a large distance in a mixed environment of wired wireless devices. Speakers attached to an AirPort Express or Apple TV can be selected remotely from an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.
  • Apple TV:
    Apple TV can sync or stream photos, music and videos from a device running iTunes.
  • 3rd party devices:
    Many 3rd party devices are compatible with your Apple product and can on many occasions represent a more economical solution to your home network. They do however frequently require configuration in order to swiftly work with your apple device. There are not many challenges we haven’t encountered with 3rd party devices connecting to Apple products, which has enriched us which the knowledge to integrate non Apple devices into an Apple environment.